Whats this! Holy Shit! Matts writting something… hey guys, take a look at this! (haha, very funny). Ok, I’m back from another great day at work (pla) and have finally taken off my shoes and I’m going to kick back, watch the red sox game and fall blissfully into slumber. Today was fun, it was only me and Brent, so we hung out and poked fun at customers when we felt like it. I’m starting to understand what Eric and Brent say when they talk about nothing being done around the store. I’m not sure what the other associates do, but the three of us who have brains in our heads seem to do all the work. Also, on a funny note, an old lady came in today, saying that she was harrassed by an associate and that she wanted to let managment know. This is funny simply because it was Ash that did it and we all hate him and were looking for a reason to fire him… guess what, problem solved. At any rate, I’m still holding off on the A.I. review till Chip gets around to seeing it, but for those of you who need to read something, you can check out Chris’ page, he pretty much feels exactly the same way as I do. Lets see, what else.. Oh ya, picked up Dogma Special Edition and Snatch Special Edition before legal street date. YAH! The perks of being an employee. Nagle, if you haven’t gotten it already, the Dogam SE is bad ass, go get it! Ok, I guess its time for me to relax a little. I’ll rant some more before bed time. Later.