Well, today (sunday) was fun, I took some time and went around to shoot some photos. I got some good stuff from around the area. I hope to make it up to the mountains this week. Maybe Wednesday or Friday. Though, this is the first Friday I’ve had off in a while and I’ll probably end up seeing a movie with the boys. Also, theres some better news about the whole car situation. My grandparents are going to give me their old car since they’ve recently purchased a new one. So, I plan on taking the cash from the insurance to fix up this car or maybe put it towards a newer one on a trade in. We’ll see. At any rate, that will hopefully leave me a little extra for rent which in turn might leave me a little extra for other things. I’m also planning on buying Chris’ GeForce 2 off him for a reasonable price so that should temporarily qwench my upgrade thurst. Tomorrow (monday) I fortunatly also have the day off. I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll do, but theres a good chance that I’ll go running or maybe hit the gym with my brother in the morning, but probably just kick back and relax all afternoon. I also got to talk to my wonderful girlfriend last night. That always makes me happy since I always sleep better after talking to her. I can’t wait for September. Its always hard to leave one place and one set of friends for a long period of time, but with everything thats been going on I can honestly say that I can’t wait for summer to be over. I’ve got a girlfriend to see and a nice clean spacious apartment to go back to. (it is still clean, right pete? …just pokin’ atcha) Anyway, I’m going to bed. I don’t know why but today was very tiring. Later.

Current Mood: Tired and good