Well, today (monday) was very uneventful… which is a welcome surprise. I did absolutely nothing today. I sat in bed until 11, got up, ate lunch, showered, played bejweled, tried to fix some LAN network stuffage, watched Twister on DVD, ate dinner, took a nap, played some Diablo II and then watched JunkYard Wars on TV. I took some time to completely relax and just hangout. I think I needed it. Tomorrow (tues) it’s back to the grind and I’m closing the store. It’s also release day for some new Pokemon game… yippee… (could you feel the sarcasm?). This means that I have to deal with screaming 8 year olds all day. Oh joyous day! Hey, it’s not like its hard work though, which is good. I think I might pick up a copy of “No One Lives Forever”, a cheesy Bond/Austin Powers spy game. I’ve been playing the demo and it’s actually rather fun. It came out last year so I think the price is down to about $20. Well worth the price for a few hours of fun. Well, I’m not sure whatelse to mention… I took a nap today, so I’m not tired at all. Thats probably not good since I need to sleep because I’m working tomorrow. Oh, I also picked up a few new CDs. I don’t remember what I mentioned that I picked up last time so I’m just going to mention what I’ve picked up this month… so far I’ve picked up: Darren Emerson: GU20, Seb Fontaine: Prototype 4, Seb Fontaine: Resident @ Creme, Sasha: GU09 and Sander Kleinenberg: Nubreed GU. Incase you were wondering “GU” stands for Global Underground. A great series of double sets put out by the “Boxed” label. But theres only about 3 more CDs I want this summer, so my tempory music binge should be nearing an end. Whatever. I’m gonna try and sleep now I suppose. Later.

Current Mood: Good