Well, today begins another wonderful weekend at the store. I’m working 1-10 two days in a row. I don’t really mind, and I’m working with some good kids, it’s just that I don’t really care anymore. Its not like it’s a photography job where I’m interested and want to be there. Its retail. It should have a movie made about it. We could call it “Retail” and it could be somewhere between Clerks and Empire Records. It would be great. Maybe thats a project for another day. As for yesterday, after having Thai food with the family (which was really really goof btw) we decided to take a drive up the coast to Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a really cool place to hang out (which is probably why I go on occasion). There’s great little record stores, surf shops and coffee bars. We decided on this after I finally gave in to taking my photos on Sunday. I plan to drive up to Sugar Hill (deep in the mountains) and take some “mountain/farm/country-side” pictures. They don’t really excite me based on subject matter, but it’s an assignment. Anyway, I’ve got to get to work and put in some over time, maybe that way I can get those upgrades. Later.

Current Mood: tired and working (is that a mood?)