Well, the first real heat of the summer has passed through, leaving the cool 60* Canadian air in it’s place. I’m honestly wearing my sweatshirt (hoddie) for the first time in months. My parents are planning on taking me out for lunch today. Best of all we’ll be going to the Thai resturant down the road. Its very good and is one of the only places around here that can satisfy my odd need for really spicy chicken and noodles. Other than that, not a lot is going on. This is my last day off this week, I’ll be working Friday and Saturday, so I plan to enjoy it. I’m feeling ok after some support from friends and my wonderful girlfriend. I didn’t really feel “bad” just “done”. Done with New England for the summer, done with jerks, done with customers at the store. You know what I mean. But, like I said, I’m feeling better. Cause if you walk with your head down, you miss all the good stuff in life, but if you look to far up, you just trip over things. A little Difranco wisdom for the morning. Ok, anyway, I’ve got to get into the shower so I can go have lunch. I think after that they wanted to go into Boston, but having no money, I don’t really feel like going. We’ll see… (…how much THEY will pay for). Hehehe. Later.

Current Mood: Better… and hungry