Well, random-ness today. I found out from Pete that Ani will be playing in Savannah in Oct. Very cool indeed. Also, after some shopping, I’m well stocked in RedBull for a while. Also, it seems that the X-Comments system won’t be working. The XML parser is installed and working but ASP is simply out of the question. I can’t say I blame chip for not installing it though, I wouldn’t want the words “Microsoft” and “server” anywhere near each other. But, on the upside, Chip did say that if he gets bored at work, he might be willing to convert the ASP stuff to PHP, which would be very cool of him. I’m going to leave the comment tag in the bottom of the posts for a while, but be aware that they obviously aren’t working. Also, in other random-ness, I found my copies of both Quake III and Diablo II today. Which of course means that my boredom will now give way to some serious fragging. On the music side of things, I picked up some CDs that I didn’t really have the money for, but following Chris’ example, it was fun to splurge. I picked up Darren Emerson: Global Underground 20 (Singapore) and Seb Fontaine: Prototype 4. Both double CD sets that I’ve been wanting for some time now but never bothered to pick up. Chris has had the Emerson set for a while and I know that it sounds good, and listening to Fontaine on the way home in the car has helped me cement him as one of my favortite DJs, it was a very good CD. Ok, enought rambling for the night. I don’t know what I’ll be up to tomorrow, I don’t has to work until Wednesday. If the weather is good, maybe I’ll finally have a chance for some photo-shooting time. Later.

Current Mood: Musically very happy