well. life has officially smacked the shit out of me. For those of you who thought that my life couldn’t get any worse, life begs to differ. Tonight I was in a car accident which totaled my vehicle. There was a dog in the on coming lane and the other car swerved to avoid it. They crossed the yellow line and struck me midway down the drivers side. I had swerved slightly to avoid it but they still struck hard. The collision sent me into a flat spin and off into the side of the road. They had collided with the driver side door, the backseat and the back wheel well. Apparently, the force had knocked the rear wheel around so much that it came off, taking the transaxle and strut with it. The strut, on its way out, cut the gas tank in half and so the car was a large hazard. I’m ok, only minor cuts and such. Mazda’s have a good record of safety and mine stood up to the challenge rather well considering the other vehicle was a Blazer. Anyway, now since the other girl only has weak insurance, I have to play legal games and try to squeeze enough out of them to buy a new car. I’m certainly not walking back to Savannah. And this concludes the portion of life where we try to fuck Matt up as much as possible. I’m done, seriously, I’m ready to go back to SCAD and forget that this summer even happened. I am however, extremely grateful that I was not seriously hurt. Actually I’m extremely grateful I was not seriously harmed in any of the past events, aside from mentally. For that I should say I’m lucky. I’m going to go to bed now. I’m sure I’ll be giving everyone the details about all this in the days to come. G’night. Later.

Current mood: completely removed from reality. (ie:bad)