Well kids, the new version of Li.Net is out. What do you think? I kinda like it. I’m not completely happy with it, I never am, but it’s an improvement. We’ll see how long this one sticks around. Oh, the only page I haven’t updated with the new style is the webcam pages, those will get taken care of tomorrow. Besides the page update, I’m feeling a little better about all this. My friends have shown great support and it’s always nice to feel like people care. Thanks guys! Also, I’ve moved my schedule around so I’m working tomorrow (today) morning instead of at night. I didn’t feel like driving that road at night again, that and if I get home earlier I can get to bed earlier. I’ve got to rest up for Area One on wednesday. I’m hoping that that’ll get me back into good spirits again. Well, it’s sleepy time. Later guys.

Current Mood: Improving