Well, it’s 1pm and no word from Chris about tonights show, he’s still in CT. Which isn’t really his fault mind you, since he doesn’t have another car. But at any rate, if the info for the show is similar to tomorrows show, then I wanted to leave by 3. I don’t plan on sitting in rush hour traffic on I95 all night. I know doors are at 10 which means we should be there around 8ish to be safe. If there wasn’t any traffic, that would mean we could leave at 6, but as everyone knows, 6 isn’t the best driving hour in the world, so I would say that we should leave around 4 to beat the traffic. That would give us extra time, be able to relax, grab some food before the show and get to the doors in plenty of time. I’m also not sure about this “dress code”. Seems rather silly to me but I can understand the reasons (which I’ll go into at another time). At any rate, Chris isn’t back and I’m wondering at this point if its worth going. I mean, we’re already seeing Darren Emerson tomorrow, is it worth it to bust our asses to get there to be exausted for two shows instead of one… of course it is. But if he doesn’t get home soon, we may not end up going at all. Which would mean I could sleep some more. (yah!) Later.