Well, I’m bored out of my skull. This afternoon, I took stock of my CD collection, weeded out the ones I never listen to and plan on going down to Newbury Comics tomorrow and trading them all in. There’s so many CDs I want, it makes sense to get rid of what I don’t use in order to help pay for them. I’ve got about 30 I don’t really want anymore so I hope I can at least get a buck or two for them. Even that will get me at least one CD. Kind of a sucky ratio though, but I’m assuming I can get more than a buck for a CD. Other than that I did a lot of sleeping today. I guess I’m still tired from the other night. Anyway, I didn’t get done what I wanted to. Maybe tomorrow. Then again, if tomorrow has better wheather, I’m going to go take pictures. We’ll see. Later.

Current Mood: Still Bored