Well, happy 4th kids! I actually had a little fun today, it was rather refreshing. I had to work, which wasn’t much of a big deal since no one came into the store anyways, Chip stopped by and then came over after work. My folks did some steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, etc, and then Chip and I watched Snatch and Dogma on DVD. After that, I checked my email and found a letter from both Chris and Nick. Chris was letting me know some info about the Winamp 3 skinning system and Nick was bored at work up in Alaska and dropped a line to say hi. I appreciated both. It’s great to hear from friends. In other news, Seb Fontaine, world renowned DJ is playing at Axis tomorrow night, Chris and I are going to try and check that out. Then, Friday night, Darren Emerson steps up to the decks at Axis as well. Besides that stuff, I was working on some more graphics, resting a little and playing Bejeweled. I’ve also got to remember to go out shooting some photos this weekend. I’ve got a commission I should be working on and a side project of my own. Ok, it’s probably time for bed; I should rest up for the show tomorrow. Night. Later.