Well, Eric called from EB today and told me that he hurt his leg and asked if I could come in for the day. Needing the extra cash, I said sure. So, now instead of closing tonight, I’ll be working all day. In other new, Chip and I saw “The Score” last night. Very good indeed. Those of you who are looking for a summer action flick will be disappointed. I’ve seen enough of them and was pleasently surprised. “The Score” is much more of a drama than an action flick. And while the “twist” at the end wasn’t a new thing, it was done very well. The high points for the movie, in my book, were definatly the pacing and the onscreen chemistry between the actors. No single action could have pulled it off, but together it was brilliant. DeNiro and Brando, Norton and DeNiro, all great. Like I had mentioned before, the pacing was also well done. The movie took it’s time, something rarely seen and even more rarely practiced in todays cinema. This movie took it’s time to develope characters, plot, settings, everything. I was watching the evening news last night and the movie reviewer said it was “to slow”. Ha! I say. If it had been any faster it would have ruined the continuity and you would have been able to drive a truck through the plot holes. That reviewer was obviously looking for a summer action flick. I was greatly pleasent that it wasn’t. All in all, it did have its problems, but they were few and far between. I liked it, and probably give it a solid A, the A+ is reserved for the best movie of the summer, which I’ve yet to see. Ok, I’m probably late for work. Later.

Current mood: Happy