Well, another long day at work has past without insident. I suppose thats cause for celebration. Anyway, with todays release of “Max Payne” I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s now time to get serious about the upgrades to the ol’ battle rig. The way I see it, “Max Payne” is a thousand dollar game. Sure the retail price is $47.99 but it’ll cost me and half the PC owners on the planet a shit load of money in order to play it. It’s a good thing that I’m planning on upgrading this summer. Anyway, if it plays half as good as it looks, it’ll be bad ass. Ok, enough about a game I can’t play yet. Lets get to the stuff that will let me play it. I think I’ve narrowed down the CPU and Mobo of my choice. If I could afford it that is. I think I’m going with the 1.4 Ghz Athalon (about $150-200). Its got more power than a P4 at the same speed and it’s $200 less. To go with it, I’m thinking of either the Gigabyte GA-7DX ($130) or the Asus A7M266 ($170). The Asus has tested faster and is more compatible with AMDs own southbridge chips but the Gigabyte is what AMD uses in their own reference platforms and is cheaper. I don’t think it makes a difference on this one. Both are solid boards. Throw in a new power supply and a case fan or two and we come to somewhere between $300-400. Plus I have to pick up a new graphics card, mark that somewhere between $150 and $250. Now we’ve got a figure of $450. That’s cash I simply don’t have. I wish there was someway to swing this, I hope I can figure it out. Between this, the car (or lack there of), rent, school, and supplies I just don’t know how I’m going to do it. I guess maybe I just won’t. I can’t spend that $450. I need it for school this fall. Sorry computer. Looks like there won’t be a new gaming season this year. I guess I really screwed up by not finding a “good” job this summer. I’ve kind of let myself down. Whatever. Oh, before I go to bed, just thought the SCAD kids should know that I saw Justin today at the mall. He says “hi” and promises to come down this year. He’s been at UMA and is now looking to transfer to Emerson. And we all wish him luck. Ok, enough pondering over things I can’t afford. I’m going to bed now. And BTW, someone asked me to cover their shift on Friday, so now I’m working then as well. I need the extra money right about now. I guess that means that seeing Planet of the Apes is out. Sorry guys. I didn’t really feel like seeing it anyway, I guess I save a few bucks this way. Ok, now that I’ve depressed myself further, I’m going to bed. Later.

Current mood: Tired and broke