Well, another crappy day at work. A few more details in Water..er..EB-Gate. After the manager checked the transactions in the computer, it seems that yes, indeed, the copy returned was the copy bought that afternoon around 5. I could have told you that. BUT it also shows that I didn’t sell only one copy of the game that afternoon. It could have been legit and the kids were the other transaction. Who knows? At any rate, I also got the full story from the phone call from the father last night. Today, the associate that answered the phone told me what he had said. I guess the father had thought that both the other associate and myself were somehow in league with the person who stole the game and that it was all an elaborate setup. Now lets be honest… this guys sounds like a nut job. 1. It’s not my job to watch you kids or their stuff. 2. After they left my store, thats the end of my responsibility. 3. They didn’t contact security when they should have, even after I advised them to. 4. Returning a game is not against the law, I had no right to assume it was stolen. 5. It happened in a DIFFERENT STORE!!! How many more times can I stress this? I do not control Best Buy, the people in it or anything that happens while you’re there. ARG! Lemme use this analogy: If you buy a car, a nice shiny new one, drive it off the lot, park it somewhere, leave the keys in it and the doors unlocked and it gets stolen, who in their right mind would go back to the dealership and ask for a new car? They would get laughed at. Honestly, normal people would call the police and let them take care of it. Just because a video game isn’t $20,000 doesn’t mean it should be treated any different. Something stolen is something stolen. Period. You should call the police and security and let them help you. End of story. I say this to the father of the two boys. Life sucks sometimes, please remove your head from your ass and be thankfull it wasn’t a new car.

Ok, I’m off to see Final Fantasy with the boys, I’ll let you know how it is. Later.

Current mood: Pissed off and tired of idiots.