Several quickies today since this afternoon Chris and myself are going to AREA ONE! This should kick some major ass. I’ve got stuff to do in order to get ready, but I’ll still make a little post non-the-less. Let’s see, first, after getting an email from Nick, it seems he loved final fantasy and wanted to know why we didn’t. Well, honestly, I liked it to. In fact, it’s gotten my second highest rating (in my head) of the movies I’ve seen this summer. My stance on it was simple. I had already seperated, or tried to seperate, the movie from the games since I was told that they weren’t similar in anyway. So, I went into it wanting to watch it for it’s own attributes. As I watched, I thought it was good, it wasn’t a Citizen Kane or Casablanca, but it was good. There were just those pesky little things that got to me: For example, the history between Dr. Ross and Grey. We know that there was one, but what was it? Towards the end when Denel Washingtons character is trapped in the vehicle, which suddenly jumps 500 yards closer to the take off ship in order to help protect the crew. The absolute cheesiest thing was the very last line from the older Dr. “It’s Warm.” Come on, “its warm”??? They could have picked such a better line. Even “it’s beautiful” would have done. But, I digress, these are just small bits to pick on where as the movie as a whole was very good. I liked it, I gave it an A. But, I’m still looking for that one piece of cinematic genius that’ll blow me away. I’m looking for this summers “Groove” or “Fight Club” and I’ve yet to find it. At any rate, I thought Final Fantasy was very well done. The CG was mind-numbing and the story was good. For me, it just wasn’t “THE” movie of the summer. Which is fine, it doesn’t make it a bad movie, but I’m still searching for something that will truely grab me. Ok, in other news… Matt got a hair cut. Aaaahhhh… run for the hills. No, no, settle down, it’s not like that. I had gone to get a trim and ask the hair dressers advice, since it’s been quite a while since I’ve had my hair anywhere near as long as that. She suggested keeping it long everywhere except the back, which could be tapered to blend in with the rest. So, everything is still long, but now it doesn’t look like I have a bad mullet. Anyway, I’ve still got to get a hold of Chris, stop by Walmart to get some things, and get some food in me. So, I’m off. I’ll post a big giant recap of my adventures tomorrow. Later.

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