Just got word from Nick that he set up a journal of his own while he’s up in Alaska. Very cool indeed. Now we can all find out what he’s up to in his great Alaskian adventure. You can check that out Here. Oh, and Nick, if you’re reading this, remember you can use HTML tags in your posts as well, they get translated into whatever they need to be, like the link I just made. Anyway, today’s a work day, I’m going in a noon and stick around till close (yuck). I’m not really feeling that great, I’ve felt sick since I went to bed last night. I really don’t feel like going but I know I have to (since I’m closing). I’d probably feel more motivated to go if I’d actually see a pay check before x-mas. They’re one of those companies that hold your first paycheck for you, and since I get a paid bi-weekly, I don’t see a check until after 4 weeks. Very sucky. But I can manage I suppose. Oh, last night I also joined W.A.N (Webmasters Against Netscape). I don’t really hate Netscape the product or Netscape the company, I just don’t like Netscape’s rendering engine. In all my years of being a webmaster/designer, I can honestly say its a giant pain in the ass to design pages around NS’s horrible engine. Everything thing you do, from java-script to table tags to getting images to align with each other, is nearly impossible with NS. Now, I really do dislike Microsoft as a company, I think they’ve made only a few products I’d stand behind. (optical mice, sidewinder, etc) But I do think that they’ve made a better browser with IE6. And since there wasn’t any smart-tags in 6-beta and they’ll no longer be in the final build, I’ve got no problem using it. Trust me, if they was a decent alternative to both IE and NS, I’d be using it. Thats it from me, I’m off to work. Later.

Current Mood: Tired and working.