I’ve found the greatest techno cd of the year. Lemme give you the set up. I had taken the time to weed out all my old cds in hopes of getting a few bucks for them at Newbury Comics. I headed into Nashua and handed them over to see what I could get for them. While I was waiting for the grand total (which was going to be about $30) I wondered around looking for new cds to buy. I asked one of the associates if the new Darren Emerson was in yet. Unfortunatly it wasn’t, but as I was turning around he started putting a new cd out on the shelf. I asked him what it was and he said it was the new Darude album and that it had come in that morning. Now, I had used a track from Darude (“feel the beat”) in my first mix this spring and was seriously considering using another of their tracks in my next mix (which is almost done btw). So, I snagged a copy, figuring it wouldn’t be too bad and might tide me over till Darren Emerson came in. I also snagged a copy of Seb Fontaine – Resident @ Cream, which is also good, but that’s only a side note. So, after finishing up a Newbury’s I jumped in the car and headed home. I stuck in Darude as I was rounding the bend onto rt3. The first track “SandStorm” was the one I was going to use in my upcoming mix, but here it was, in all it’s unmixed, original glory. After that came “Burning” and “Feel the Beat” which I had previously used. What followed quickly made my jaw drop. 11 tracks of beautiful, mind melting, deep progressive trance, the likes of which I haven’t felt in years. The last time I was this impressed with an album was 4 years ago with Propellerhead and their first cd. Chris, I know you’re looking for that next big leap in music, well, here it is. I was seriously considering pulling the car over and dancing right there on the side of the road. This disk is freakin’ amazing. It is easily within my top 5 cds of all time and I’ve only just started listening to it. If you like techno in the least, you NEED this disk. Go get it now. I’m not joking, what are you doing still in front of your computer? Ladies and Gentlemen, the best thing to happen to techno since the British… Darude, “Before the Storm”. I’ve got to go listen again. Later.

Current mood: In trance heaven!