I was going to post something tonight about how I’m feeling much better about all this, but that would be a lie. I actually wrote a whole other post and am just now scrapping it for this one. I would like to thank all my friends and family who have expressed concern and well-wishes, they are greatly appreciated. The events of the past few days have made my sit down and seriously re-evaluate my life. I’m still working to describe what I’m going through and will explain it all in detail later. I do have high spirits though. I am feeling better. I realize all that I have and that I’m grateful for and am very thankful for that. I guess I’ve got a good sense of humility to be dealing with this so well (if in fact I’m dealing with it “well” at all). But, I’ll get through it, and everything will turn out alright in the end. I have faith in that. So, I’m sorry for keeping this breif, but I’m going to bed now. I’m going to take some pictures tomorrow but I’ll be sure to let everyone know how I’m doing. Later

Current mood: Semi-stable, sore, and mentaly tired