I appologize for the lack of journal entries in the past two days. I’ve been busy and such. I’m also busy at the moment, and I’m about to head to bed. At any rate, I’ve got to work all weekend so I probably won’t get around to some proper web rantings till monday. To tide you over, go see A.I. I promised Chip I wouldn’t review it yet since he wasn’t able to see it with us. But you can expect a nice lengthy description on Monday. I will say this… I liked it… but. There were some party that I felt could have been retouched and rewritten, mainly in the last have of the movie. But like I said, that’ll have to wait until Monday. The reason for my working all weekend is that I switched Sunday, open till close, for not having to work on Friday, which would allow me to see Darren Emerson, world renowned DJ, in Boston with Chris. Can’t wait for that. Ok, off to bed, I’ve got to get up in a few hours and head back to work. Yay! Later.