File this under: “Feeling sorry for Austrailian kids.” By now I hope most people know about the different Blink 182 CD versions. Don’t worry if you haven’t, it took me a few to get it strait in my head as well. Ok, the deal is that there’s 4 versions of the CD. Red, Yellow, Green and Clean. R, Y & G are essentially the same but with each having two different bonus tracks (tracks 14 &15). The clean version is, well, just that. Instead of the nifty bonus tracks they have the “Man Overboard” music video. Which, if I remember correctly, was on the live CD as well. Anyway, everyone outside of the US, with the exception of Japan, gets stuck with weird half clean, half normal CD. They get the regular CD, which has obsenities but without the bonus stuff. Odd. I don’t pretend to understand music industry stuff like that. I just listen to the damn album. Ok, at any rate, its Sunday. Normally, since I have a large amount of time off of work, I would be out taking pictures, especially since I’ve got a project I should be doing. But, since it’s very cloudy and thunder showers are headed this way, I figured that wouldn’t be a good idea. So, today is an inside work day. I’m gonna poke around at some more graphics for this page and maybe take a whack at some Winamp 3 skins. After that, maybe I’ll see if Chris and Chip still want to see “Kiss of the Dragon.” Please note, I wouldn’t normally waste my money on movies I know are going to be crappy, but I’m bored out of my mind at the moment. Ok, pixels await. Later.

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