Chris gets a big ‘ol cookie for giving me the quote of a life time:

“Matt was to verbal sparring as Brad Pitt was to Bareknuckle boxing in the movie Snatch” ~Chris Kelly

At any rate, I’m going to go to my brothers baseball game tonight. Not to watch the game or anything, but I’ve been promised food afterwards, always a good incentive. As for the rest of my day, I’ve sat around the house drinking tonic and lime trying to figure out when my life became such a living hell. I’m in fine spirits though. I’ve got my new Darude CD, enough tracks to mix for hours and no work till Saturday night. On a seperate note, “The Score” comes out tomorrow. Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro, it should be pretty good. I think I’ll go see that. Maybe this time I won’t stop at Texaco. Ok, I’m off, wish me luck at having a better day. Later

Current Mood: Hopeful but still jaded.