Break out the black arm bands, we’ve lost a friend. Last night I got word from Chip that the Newbury Comics on DWH in Nashua has closed its doors. The rumor is that NC wants to get into the clothing biz and that they’ll be opening two stores, one in Boston and one in Nashua. Yes, Newbury Comics, a wonderful store, always filled with music and, well, music. Lets face it, a store that sells new CDs for $10.88 and most regular CDs for under 12 bucks is an awesome thing. Seriously, places like Sam Goodie, Record Town, HMV and Strawberries have always jacked up their prices, charging sometimes $18 for a CD, but not Newburys. I can honestly say that that store is (was) the source of 95% of my CD collection. And now its gone. My friends, this is a dark day indeed. Thank goodness theres a NC in Manchester. Other than that we’d have to start making trips deep into Mass. in order to get some good music. Dang, well, after that crappy news, I’ve got to go to work, I’ll catch you guys… Later.

Current Mood: Wanting music…*sniffle* But generally happy