You know, I’d like to state for the record that Nick is one of the most intellectual and deep thinking people I know. It has always been truly a pleasure to know him and to be friends with him. We went for a little drive and some coffee tonight and caught up on each others lives. I’m so impressed at the things he’s been up to. Protesting in Quebec, deciding to double major in Philosophy and CS, riding across the country on a whim for no other reason than to further his own knowledge. I wish I could be as bold in my exploration of life as Nick has been. Maybe one day. Unfortunately, he’s leaving next Friday for a long stay in Alaska working on some NASA programming stuff so we won’t be able to hang out for a good portion of the summer. To you Nick, I raise my coffee cup on high, for being willing to seek out and suck the marrow from life. And I expect a copy of that book. Hehe. Ok, sleepy time. Till later.