Well, you’re now looking (reading) at the re-hired senior associate at EB. I’ve got some mixed feelings about this one. First of all, those bastards at that internet place can kiss my ass. It’s very rude to become incredibly interested in a potential employee and even get a good way into the process and then break all contact with them. After three or four dead-end phone calls and countless email, it appears that no one is hiring in the tech sector this summer. And its to such an extreme that apparently some people even dodge phone calls and don’t return email. Screw them. So, I went to EB today and talked to Eric and Brent. Not only were they incredibly glad to see me, they offered me a job before I even asked if they needed help this summer. Then I got a whole host of stories about how they had held a position over the winter for me in hopes that I would come back and that managers at three stores had fought over who was going to hire me if I did. Then I was told I could have all the hours that I wanted and that employees at other stores had wanted to transfer just to work with me. This was no joke, I was a little taken back by this. I don’t quite understand it. All I did was do my job and be somewhat nice to the customers. I didn’t slack off and screw around (to much) and apparently I was a outstanding employee. I’m confused. To me, I was simply “doing my job”. But I guess to everyone else I was doing something wonderful. I don’t know, and I really don’t care. All I know is that the job is fun, air-conditioned and I have some great co-workers. Sure the pay isn’t as much as a nice desk job in the tech sector, but honestly, I think I’ll have more fun this way. Sure, it’ll drain all creativity out of me like it did last summer, but its paying the rent, so, for now I won’t complain. Ok, it’s getting sorta late and I’ve got an Ani Difranco concert to go to tomorrow (tonight). I’ll take pictures, promise. Later.