Well, what a random and semi-productive day. Today was a continuation of the “Find Matt a Job” project. If you need any web work done this summer, I’m your man. I’m cheap! Really, will work for food! Kidding. At any rate, I was reading some blogs/journals today and caught up on what everyone I haven’t seen yet has been up to. Jason’s dealt with raccoons, Derek moved to Wilton, Chips been workin’ a lot and spending quality time with the girlfriend, Dave’s been sick, then better, then sick. Around 9ish, Chip came over and we headed into Nashua for a brief stop at B&N and then on to Bickford’s. I wish stuff around here was open later. Even places like Bickford’s and IHOP are only open till around 12. There’s a Denny’s but it’s pretty crappy. And even if places were open later, there’s no guarantee that some of the idiots who live around here wouldn’t find it. Let me put it a different way. When you’re sitting there, having a nice cup of coffee and a group of at least 15 kids walk in, who obviously just got their drivers licenses, and you lose faith in the future leaders of the world… you know you live in NH. Maybe it’s not just here; maybe the kids have gotten stupider all over the world. I hope not. But to them I say, with all ernst and enthusiasm… “Pull up your god-damn pants!” I mean, please, I honestly don’t need to know what color boxers you have on today. I’m all for creative freedom when I comes to fashion, but if you have pants that are measured in a diameter and not in a length, you might as well just buy a skirt because you look just as stupid. Arg. I’m done ranting. At any rate, hanging out with Chip was good, and I get to hang out with the guys tomorrow night, so things are starting to look up. Ok, I’m going to bed. I’ll let you know how that animation fest is. Later.