Well, the animation festival was great. Don Hertzheld makes me laugh. “Rejected” was awesome. Can’t wait for the DVD in 2002. At any rate, it was a fun time had by all. Except for Derrick who, through a mix up in driving schedules, was shafted and left on his door step. I’ll let him and Dave straiten that out. I’m not getting in the middle of it. Boston was fun as always. My favorite city on the planet is alive and well. I grabbed a copy of the Phoenix to see what the concert season is going to be like. It should be great. There’s far to many bands coming to town to mention it here. I’ll just let you know about each one as I go to it. Speaking of which, it looks like Ani has been confirmed for Sunday. That should be kick ass. Also Chris told me that Darren Emerson is coming to town in a week or two. I’m definatly looking forward to that as well. Ok, breakfast time. Later.