Well, last nights game fest wasn’t quite the spectacular event that I had hoped, basically due to the lack of Chip and Jason. But, playing BoxWars with Dave was very fun. After a little CS we switched over to that and beat the box-crap out of each other. In other news, Microsoft won its appeal in court, which in my opinion, is a mixed bag. I do like IE over NS, but that shouldn’t mean that Microsoft can strong arm Sun and Apple into installing IE over NS on all their systems. I also completely disagree with MS’s whole internet-active-web-top-desk-integrated-activation-semi-subcription-thingy-bullshit-battleplan. I mean, you can’t force people to conform to a subscription-ish system and integrate the web into their desktop without them wanting it. Maybe I’m living in a bubble, but I don’t want the web IN my desktop. I’ve turned off “active-desktop” since it was introduced into Win98. I also don’t want to have to call MS every time I install some new hardware and my hardware key changes. When I use software, including operating systems, and I’ve paid for it, NO ONE is going to be in control of it except for me. This would be giving control back to companies almost in a subscription sort of way. All this in exchange for some conveniences, like being able to log onto someone else’s computer and have all your shortcuts, favorites, documents etc. I don’t like the trade. My documents should never be “on file” somewhere. Ok, enough MS ranting for today, I’m sure Chris will smack me around and tell me all the good reasons for some of this tonight or tomorrow. At any rate, I’ve got to run some errands and drop my dad off at a baseball game. Later.