Well, last night I saw Moulin Rouge and it was spectacular. Lauren, Pete and Nagle had all seen it and said it was great and I can defiantly agree. The story is set in a Bohemian suburb of Paris in which the nightclub/brothel The Moulin Rouge is located. The story is about a writer and a courtess who fall in love and who’s love is unbreakable even if it means certain peril for each other. The back-story is all about the Moulin Rouge itself, the people there and an evil Duke who’s trying to gain control of both the club and Satine (the courtess). I can’t begin to describe the positive points of this movie, everything from the costumes, to the acting and especially the music were extremely well done. The music in particular (since it was a musical) was especially good, incorporating music from our times and infusing it with period melodies from the 1800’s. It quite enthralling to see the Cancan done to remixes (per say) of Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”. It has to be seen to be believed. The movie is also extremely visually appealing, having the trademark Baz Lurman bright colors, tight camera work and fast passed movements. All in all, it’s defiantly the first A(A+) movie I’ve seen thus far this summer. I was extremely happy that I went and saw it. Go see it, you’ll be entertained. And I apologize for keeping this one short; I’ve got a lot to do today. Later.