On a seperate note. Chris and I checked out “The Fast and the Furious” today. It’s the same old summer action movie type of flick. Basically, cop finds car guy, cop races car guy, car guy has a cute sister, cop likes sister, car guy starts to like cop, car guy isn’t such a nice guy, in the end cop helps car guys because they’re now buddies. The movie is just a 2 hour excuse to have nifty looking car chases. Sure, the cars are nice, the action is done well, but it’s still just another summer action movie. This one gets the same recommendation as Tomb Raider and Swordfish… If you’re bored and can catch a matinee, go for it, you might be entertained. But don’t wait in line and pay $8 for it. Same old action movie, all flash with a mildly-entertaining plot. Later.