Ladies and gentleman, Ray Bourque got his first taste of a cup in 22 years. The Avalanche got off to a quick start with a goal in the first 10 minutes, after fierce battles in the 2nd the Avs went up 3 to 1 and thats the way it stayed. Ray, Bostons son, stayed out on the ice for the last 2 minutes. There was no way he was getting off. With 30 seconds left, the stadium exploded and everyone knew, Ray had finally made it. It was very emotional, and rightfully so. After chasing a dream for your entire career and in finally reaching it in what could be your final game. Ray was more than just teary eyed and so were the rest of us. Ray, all of New England salutes you. Elsewhere, the flood in Texas has stopped for the moment. I’m very glad that Lauren made it back in one piece, I’ve been very worried about the whole situation and her safety these past couple days. In other randomness, the new A.I. trailer is out, and there’s some new info on the mystery. This time a new phrase and a URL appeared at the end of the trailer. Nagle, I’m sure you’re all over this one. Ok, be sure to keep checking out the page over the next few days. More cool stuff to come. Later.