I’m pissed off. This is gonna be long, so buckle up. Ok, this afternoon my dad asked me to go to the store to get some poster-board to make a chart for him. I ended up going to Walmart. I hate Walmart here, everyone is stupid, slow and inconsiderate, todays trip was no exception. After entering the store, finding the board and heading towards the register I stop at what appears to be an open lane. I head over towards it and see a single person standing by it. Not in the lane mind you, just at the opening, like where the candy usually is. Gramps is taking his sweet ass time looking at candy and since he doesn’t appear to have anything else going on, I walk around him towards the register. As soon as I do, his wife, a young 80 years herself, jumps out from one of the other isles and grabs his things and trys to cut me off. I, in a hurry, decide not to let that happen. So, being younger than the fossil, I move in front of her and the cashier starts to check my things out. From behind me I now hear multitudes of profanity and whispering. I turn around and say “If you have something to say, say it TO me, not AT me.” The old ding bat then looks at me and without blinking an eye says “that was so rude, you knew he was in line and you walked right around him, I hope you trip and break your neck going through the parking lot.” I’m now quite taken back. I had never expected to hear that coming out of an old persons mouth, let alone towards me. And let me just say that, if it had appeared that the gentleman was indeed in line, I wouldn’t have walked around him. Ok, to continue. As I’ve now been insulted, I’m begining to get angry, but I’m remaining quite. She then spurts out with “you young punks are all the same, rude as hell, I hope you die.” Thats it, now I’m pissed. This part is no joke, I like intimidation and like to use it where nessisary. I take off my sunglasses very slowly, Tony Soprano style, look at her and say with a completely strait face, “Lady, he might have been in line, but he was 10 feet back there, and you, you can suck my dick, and, while you’re at it, I hope you have a heartattack trying to get into you car.” I turn back to the cashier who is waiting for the money for the thing I’m buying, hand her a few dollars and say “some people are just militant assholes when they get old.” But this old bats not done. She then continues by saying the classic “Look here sonny” followed by “I’ve got enough things wrong with me, I don’t need you talking back to me.” I put the sunglasses back on and say “as if I don’t have anything wrong with me.” “You don’t look it, you punk” she replies. I’m done with her, turn to the cashier, pick up my things and as I look back to leave, I say “Have a nice day, hope you die soon ” and then smile really big. Now, as most of you who know me will say, this doesn’t sound like Matt. He’s usually not rude to anyone, and certainly nothing like that. Well, let me just say, that if she had simply said I was rude, I would have let it go, but as soon as she told me that she hoped I broke my neck and died, that was the line. I wouldn’t take that kind of abuse when I was working as a sales associate at a store, and I’m certainly not going to take it from some random lady in Walmart. She crossed the line and so mild mannered Matt got pissed and made sure she knew it. Arg. I appologize for the profanity, wait, no I don’t. I’m still pissed. But at least I get to hang out with the guys tonight, I’m sure they’ll get a laugh out of this. I know I didn’t. Later.