Hey kids, just got back from seeing “Operation Swordfish” with Chris. It wasn’t half bad. You can’t really review action movies with the same expectations as highly artistic pieces. I mean, lots of stuff blew up and no one is going to win an Oscar, but that’s kind of what I expected. John Travolta was his old self and Hugh Jackman did a much better job than in X-Men, and Halle Berry wasn’t half bad. The soundtrack was made by my boy Paul Oakenfold, so it’s very very good. All in all it was a fun 2 hours and I enjoyed myself. Plenty of explosions, gun fights and a moderate amount of plot. Go see it if you like action flicks or don’t have too much on your agenda. Just remember, it isn’t a “think” piece, so enjoy it for it’s pure action aspects. Ok, I’ve gotta go have a nice dinner with the ‘rents. Later.