Aggravation. Pure, unadulterated aggravation. Well, its seems that my own stupidity had kept my new radio from working. Finally figured that out and got that working. On the job front, I’ve now found out that I’m not going to get very much help with my living situation in the fall so it’s time to find a job (or two). I’m seriously considering getting a job as a box-tosser at UPS, working the extended late-shift, blowing my back out, never sleeping, and trying to make enough money to continue living where I’m living in the fall. My situation has deteriorated far worse than I had previously thought. I’m in deep, neck deep, and I haven’t got a dry spot to cling onto for miles. There’s some other stuff that I don’t want to talk about, but needless to say it’s making the situation every worse than it is. I’m not a very religious guy, but at this point you’ve gotta start looking for help from higher powers. Current mood: shittiest ever. Later (if I’m still here).