Well, today is paper writting day. I’ve got to go over to the library
and get some info on the “transition of civil war photography
into modern day photo-journalism.” Ouch! Anyway, a quick
and random update before I walk over there. I took a look
at Dark Horizons and the summer movie release schedule.
Wow, this is gonna be a good summer. Anyway, here the list I came
up with. Obviously there’s a few more than this, but I just picked
out the ones I was planning on seeing. Here goes:

Pearl HarborMay 23-Hey, it’s got Affleck in it, how can ya go wrong.
Moulin RougeJune 1-A “pretty” musical, should be interesting
Atlantis: The Lost EmpireJune 15-Ok, ya, I know it a disney flick.
Tomb RaiderJune 15-The video game didn’t suck, hope this doesn’t either.
A.I.: Artifical IntelligenceJune 29-Hmm, speilberg…
Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinJuly 13-Hehehe, this is gonna rule.
Planet of the ApesJuly 27-Big things hit Mark Walberg….good.
Jay & Silent Bob Strike BackAug 10-What’ll make waiting worth while.
Bandits-?-Looks interesting, has Bruce Willis, can’t be all bad.
Knockaround Guys-?-Mobsters make me laugh.