Well, the Sensitive 8 continue to dominate in their reign of
emotional terror. As we get closer to the semesters end, the
kids around here are getting more and more touchy. People
are angry at people for being angry at other people, that kind
of thing. It’s rediculous. They should all just shut the hell up
and stop acting like a bunch of 2 year olds. Sit down, talk it
out, yell it out if nessisary, but do it quick because I’m sick
of listening to it. Anyway, on to other topics…

Tribes 2, I’m very disappointed in. Counter-Strike is still my favorite.
I gave Tribes 2 a shot and was very let down. The controls are
close to CS but still a little aggrivating in mid-battle. The maps are
borring and your team-mates are usually idiots. The whole point
of this game was for “Team Play” but if you’re not playing at a LAN
party then it’s kinda pointless. You don’t know anyone and don’t
really give a crap about them. And you certainly aren’t going to follow
their “orders”. So, unless everyone on the internet is about to get
good and friendly with their team-mates, I’m sicking with CS.

Other random news…
I paid to much for cable today. It was around $70 for tv and internet.
Thats friggin’ nuts. I have to pay in advance, so at the end of this month
I’m disconnecting my service. Also, the Savannah Sand Knats are playing
tonight against the Cleveland Red-Stixx, so I’m gonna go to that. It should
be a good game. Till later.