Blarg. I had a pretty shitty day today, so I’m not much in the
mood for, well, anything.Of quick note, if you’re a photographer,
or a photography student, check out the “Iford Product Data
Guide”. It’s basically ALL of Ifords white-papers in one book.
I got mine for free today, so you may want to check with your
local photo retailer about getting one. Normally they’re only $4.99.
It gives great insight into all of Ilfords products, developing times,
that sort of thing. It’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t mention
film developing times in to many other chemicals though.
It does have the biggies, so unless you’re using something
complete obscure, you should be fine. Non-the-less, its a great
little book to have in your pocket if you’re heading into the darkroom.
Ok, I’m off, I think a little sleep and relaxation is in order.
Or maybe a cup of tea, we’ll see what comes. Till later.