Arrg! Haven’t posted in three days! Shit! Sorry bout that.
Anyway, been a little busy. On Friday, I headed over to the
baseball game and took some pictures with the 4×5, they
came out pretty good. I’ll post the work-prints later. On
Saturday I had a little picnic in the park and took in the city’s
annual Shakespear Fest. This year’s production was the classic
12th Night. It was my fist time seeing 12th Night on stage and
I was very impressed. Today was also a work day, I headed over
to the darkroom and developed the negatives from Friday.
So, that’s where I’ve been this weekend. I actually haven’t had much
time for anything. Ok, sorry to keep it short, but Malcom in the Middle
is on and after that, I’ve got to pick classes for the Fall. Oh,
before I forget, go get the new Final Fantasy movei trailer. GO!
Go now! I’m serious….why aren’t you leaving…go now.
*click here*