Chances are you’ve seen this image before. It’s a scan of my original negative. Chances are you also didn’t know that it was mine. A long time ago, when the internet was still very much like the wild west, people stole images without thinking. My original image, a photography I took nearly 10 years ago, was posted to Deviant Art in it’s original form. It was well received and I provided various sizes of it for people to use as wallpapers. At some point, someone downloaded it, took off my copyright and started posting it all around the internet as their own. I’ve seen it on 4chan, Daily Pic Dump and all sorts of “top 100 inspirational photos” lists. I’m flattered that people like the photo, but I’m a little disappointed no one bothers to research it or give the proper photo credit. It’s just amazing how quickly my name disappeared, but that the photo kept right on going. So, to resolve any issues of ownership, I’m posting it here, now and forever. It’s available in various sizes with a tiny watermark in the corner. It’s small and I beg you to leave it intact. Please, if you see this image circulating on some other website, kindly point people in this direction. I’d appreciate it.

UPDATE: This image has now been registered, accepted and copyrighted via the US Copyright Office and the Library of Congress. It’s official and very enforceable. Anyone caught using this image in a service, app or website that they’re profiting from will face the full and complete wrath of my lawyer. That is not a joke.

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2560×16002560 x 16001920 x 12001600 x 1200